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Our Team and employee of the month scheme is just one way in which we celebrate our colleagues. Each month colleagues nominate individuals to celebrate and recognise those which have put in extra effort, those who have done more than expected and those who have truly demonstrated our values. Here are some of our winners from 2021:

Facilities – The team have proactively undertaken a huge amount of work in early January to ensure we were protecting our employees against the emerging for contagious COVID strain and this should be acknowledged

TSG Team – Supported the rollout of WFH for Client operators at very short notice. Setting up laptops all at speed and whilst the list of individuals kept changing. The team worked with us so we could get people set up alongside us raising requests and applying governance and did not put up barriers as to why things couldn’t be done quickly. Thank you all for your support

DR Test Team – During the first few months of this year, and following some significant challenges related to DR testing in 2020 the team which is made up from many different areas of the business and worked fantastically well to resolve issues and improve our DR capability.

TAC Team – The team mobilised themselves to deal with the issue they faced. I saw Junior members feel emboldened to get on and do, and get the situation fixed for the end user. The whole team played a part. They make me proud.

R&A Incident Management Oversight Team – Multiple Incidents encountered recently led to some true collaboration. The level of effort across a number of days to investigate and remediate customer issues caused as fallout from IT Incidents has been huge. The way the two teams work together has been exemplary of late and certainly mitigated a lot more protracted fallout with their efforts and their knowledge not only of iPSL Systems and Services but also of those within the Client estate……. quite often in more depth than the client themselves know.

Kappa Day 1 Team – Eves – The team have supported above and beyond over the last several months, and adapted to the many changes they have faced. Their flexibility has allowed cross training to take place with no impact to business or our clients and ZERO achieved frauds.

Product Team – The product team have worked tirelessly to support delta A having learnt new skills and applied the readily. They also donated their winnings to the company charities – what a great team.

Project Oak Team – The team have implemented the first piece of new business into the area since we transformed and this can be used as a test case to attract other new opportunities. What a fantastic effort to deliver the Pilot on time with no impact to service. The team have done such a great job and implementation has been accelerated

R18 Development Team – The team have shown great accountability and commitment to delivering the very best. They recognised the importance of the R18 delivery. Their commitment to the cause was truly inspirational and exemplary to the values & behaviours.

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