Meet our people

Our People 

Our people power our vision and here are just a few of our 800 or so colleagues who have adapted to new ways of working and supported each other, especially, over the last couple of years. 


Our colleagues in Operations have maintained the excellent service our clients have come to expect, and despite the challenges faced, they have even migrated new client work into their daily routines. 

We have welcomed new recruits who have joined our existing colleagues and everyone has stepped up; from our First Aiders who tackled some difficult situations with positive outcomes, to our Operations Managers who continue to  support their teams whilst coming on site and ensuring everyone was kept safe.


Our teams within the CIO have helped us to work from home and adapted their process and procedures to continue to support us.

Teams have worked hard to ensure both our colleagues working on site and those working remotely have uninterrupted, secure access to the systems they need.  

The Change Team have continued to deliver and virtual release management is now the norm. 

Our teams are working collaboratively to deliver a multi-million pound Cloud program which will take us to 2023 and beyond. 

Support Functions

Our HR team have supported colleagues to negotiate the array of Government guidelines in place, whilst the Facilities Team ensured measures were implemented to make the building safe to visit and helped those able to work from home, do so safely.  

The Finance team have worked collaboratively and kept us on track and helped us meet our budgetary requirements; exceeding our cost savings targets set. 

Our Risk and Compliance team continued to support the business to manage our key risks and through great collaboration the company achieved some great control outomes, including an outstanding ISAE 3402 result.

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