Rishi Gajree

Rishi Gajree – Our Risk, Compliance and Procurement Director

Born and bred in Nottingham, Rishi is very proud and connected to his Indian heritage. He is blessed to have a reasonably big family and  lives with his  wife, three children and their dog, Milo.

Before joining iPSL in 2008, Rishi worked for Barclays, Barclaycard and Capital One.

Over the last 20 years  Rishi has held various roles connected to building and heading Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) teams in the financial service industry. More recently he has taken on the Company Secretary and Procurement Director roles, in addition to Risk & Compliance.

Rishi is immensely proud of the risk culture we have created at iPSL over recent years, with GRC considered and proven to be an important enabler for achieving great business outcomes, with collaboration at the heart of how we work.

Rishi has benefited from learning from some great leaders and colleagues, as well as specialist professional development. He is passionate about leadership and developing teams, both to support iPSL and individual aspirations and  is especially proud of the colleagues we have developed and promoted internally, with some progressing into senior positions both inside and outside of iPSL.

Outside of work Rishi has a passion for sports, although sadly not playing anymore.  Currently most of his free time is spent navigating the routines associated with the needs of a young family, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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