IT and Change

Out IT and Change Function are currently busy developing our cloud solution. 

There are many elements to the function here’s just a few…

Adam is part of the team responsible for …

TSG Team – Worked tirelessly  to support colleagues working from home.  They demonstrated just how adaptable we can be at very short notice, without cutting corners. 

DR Test Team – The team have been tested throughout the pandemic but have demonstrated some great resilience and collaboration, bringing together many different areas of the business and worked fantastically well to resolve issues as they presented themselves and improve our DR capability.

Technology Availability Centre – a team which is proving to be a particularly great environment for developing new stars in the IT arena. The team are empowered to find solutions to problems presented to them and have nurtured several apprentices, both external and internal. 

Angela is part of the TAC team and has recently attended our Leadership Development Programme.

She was nominated for employee of the month because…….

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