About us

Intelligent Processing Solutions Ltd (iPSL)

iPSL is the market leader in processing domestic cheques across the UK, handling over 500 million cheques every year.

We specialise in banking and financial services operations and are the UK Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) joint venture between Unisys, Barclays, HSBC & Lloyds Banking Group (three major banks and an outsourcing and technology services company.)

We provide the UK domestic cheque clearing and associated services such as debit/credit outclearing, fraud detection, image based returns and lock box to over 80% of the financial markets. We also undertake other complementary services such as Research and Adjustments and Mandates.

Through our fraud management capability, we successfully stop over £150m worth of fraudulent UK domestic cheques per annum. Managing risks and the ability to identify fraud is one of our major strengths.

Other areas where we support our clients are: ISA & Mortgage processing, Scanning facilities and reconcilements.

What is our vision?

Delivering The Best Digital Cheque Processing Service In The UK.