Nights to days change leaves Sue happy, if a bit Quizzical

February 15, 2013 Uncategorized

After some 15 years working late shifts, long-serving Sue McBriarty’s working life has been turned upside down and she can be forgiven for finding it quite a challenge.  Her new roles as Days Team Manager means an early start and instead of leaving work at midnight, she goes home at 6pm and has her evenings to fill.

“It’s very strange living at a different time of the day, but I will adapt.  It will just take a little time,” admits Sue, who is also coping with the challenge of a completely new job, heading up a team of seven on Returns.

“After so many years working on Work Prep, I knew the job inside out.  But I needed the challenge of a change and it has been good for me,” she says.  “They are a great bunch of people here and have been incredibly helpful and supportive.  I’ve never needed more than about three hours’ sleep, so I have plenty of time on my hands now to devote to my hobby,” says quiz enthusiast Sue, who has been the brains behind seven fund-raising quiz evenings at Camberley.

“I’ve got a cupboard full of quiz books – I love them.  I think answering questions keeps your brain active, and I’ve always enjoyed organising quiz nights.  It’s good to raise money for charity but I also really like bringing people together and the nights are always very popular,” she adds.

Sue’s last Quiz Night was supported by 11 teams and raised £40.  Sue, one of three full-time women in the management team of eight at Camberley, began her career with HSBC aged 16.  She joined Camberley around 20 years ago as a Supervisor and was promoted to her current role of Team Manager five years ago.