Jason Slatcher

August 30, 2018 Uncategorized

Chief Information Officer

I joined iPSL early in 2018 at a really exciting time for cheque processing as the company was in the midst of a huge transformation programme to introduce a digital platform for processing cheques.

During my 25 year career in IT I’ve led diverse global teams, delivering business outcomes based on strong technology foundations. I’ve been involved in large change programmes and delivered global projects for leading companies including Lloyds, Capita, Allianz, Fujitsu and BT.

Prior to joining iPSL I worked for Lloyds where I led a team of over 1000 people to deliver the technology platforms that managed customer data for the largest retail bank in the UK.

Since starting at iPSL I have made some profound changes to the way we work. We are becoming a digital business and, as part of that journey, I have set in place a number of initiatives. These range from strengthening the team whilst also increasing our diversity, organising ourselves around a 24 hour working cycle, altering our ways of working and evolving our working environment. We are using some leading edge technologies whilst also adopting the latest Agile change methodologies.

Within my role as Chief Information Officer I am driving the business through this transformation which will help make cheques the payment platform of choice and create something of lasting value here at iPSL. Our target is to become a FinTech, transforming ourselves from being a world class paper cheque processing company, to one that can process cheques in a digital ecosystem with the same level of service excellence.

I’m proud to be part of a great team that maintains a high level of service whilst going through such a huge transformation that impacts our people, systems and ways of working.