Intrepid Carolyn has sights set on India cycle challenge

July 16, 2015 Uncategorized

CarolynTREKKING through inhospitable places to raise money for her favourite charity earned Carolyn Etheridge a special invitation to the VIP London launch of a new Cancer charity. In recent years Carolyn has trekked along the Great Wall of China, across the Sahara Desert and this year she has set herself an even bigger challenge – a 200 mile cycle ride in India in November. “I like pushing myself outside my comfort zone and I’ve never done a cycling challenge before so thought it was about time,” says Chelmsford Flow Leader Carolyn, who so far has raised around £5,000 for Breast Cancer Charities in memory of her mum.

Her efforts were recognised by an invitation to the London launch of Breast Cancer Now, a new charity launched in June and formed by merging Breast Cancer Campaign and Breakthrough Breast Cancer. “I was very flattered to be invited. It was a fantastic occasion, so inspiring it made me want to jump up and start fund-raising straight away,” says Carolyn. “It was good to meet people such as the scientists responsible for the research and to find out how the money we raise is used. I really appreciate the support and generosity of my colleagues and friends and family over the years.”My previous treks were quite tough, but this one will be even tougher. I’ve already starting training, both at the gym and out on my bike, to get fitter. I’m determined to reach my goal of £1,500 this time.” Carolyn has already held her first fund-raising event, a Name My Teddy Bear Mascot competition in which the first out of the hat winner shared the proceeds with the charity. Other fund-raising events planned include a quiz and cake sale.