Injury cripples Dave’s fund-raising challenge bid

April 19, 2016 Uncategorized

DaveTHE fearsome Tough Mudder event put paid to one of Northfield’s entrants before it even started. Just one day after paying his entry fee, Senior Operations Manager Dave McSeveney went for his first training run – and got a bone injury that left him on crutches and off work for a week. Now Dayshift Processor Dylan Turner has stepped up to take his place, joining Night Operations Manager Angelo Beales and Gi Group Area Manager James Hartwell and his wife Anna in tackling the 12-mile obstacle course, which involves running, heights, freezing cold water, mud and even electrocution. “I’m 47 years-old and haven’t run for about 25 or 30 of those,” rues crutches-toting Dave, who was advised by doctors he would need to keep his weight off his foot for several weeks while the injury healed itself. “I went out hell for leather thinking I was going to take on the world – and didn’t.” “I did offer to carry Dave round but he graciously declined,” laughs Angelo. “I was actually gutted for him as he’d literally just signed up a few hours before.” The team is aiming to raise at least £2,000 and hopes to gain sponsorship support, and possibly more team members, from across iPSL. “The May 21 event will be a tough test of endurance, stamina and determination,” says martial arts exponent Angelo, who is aiming to regain his super-fitness levels with running and strength work in preparation. “But it’s worth it to help the Hospice to continue to provide care and support to terminally ill adults and their families,” he adds. “All donations big or small are welcome.”

You can donate via To join the team, go to and follow the onscreen instructions.