Gemma Helps to Save Customer Thousands

February 15, 2013 Uncategorized

Gemma Hunkin earned a coveted On the Spot Recognition Award after her special efforts saved a customer bank £178,000.

“They had experienced some issues the day before and asked us the next morning if we could do some late returns for them,” explains Gemma, a Day Three Cheque Cancelling Operations Expert at iPSL Northampton.

“We don’t normally do these anymore but, because we have three of the major banks in the building, I was able to go to their areas and find out if they would still take the late reversals.

“They said they would, so we processed them, which saved the bank making a loss.”

The customer bank was so grateful for Gemma’s help and the resulting service, that the Assitant Manager sent an email to her boss, passing on their thanks.

“It would have been such a high amount of money lost and I always help out if I can,” she adds.  “However I did not expect to get the email and that was a really nice feeling.”

Her actions also earned her praise from her Team Manager, who said, “Gemma is a very customer focussed individual, whose attention to detail is second to none.  She is very articulate and a hard-working person.”

Gemma joined iPSL eight years ago as a Level 7 Processor and was appointed to her curren role over two years ago.

“I’m always looking for ways to help customers,” says the award winner, who was happy to spend her voucher on shoes.