Agency Star Now Our Ops Expert

February 13, 2013 Uncategorized

Jamie Buchanan was thrilled when his sterling work as an agency worker led to a permanent job with the Company that’s always on the lookout for a star in the making. Five years later he is Ops Expert in the Returns Out Team and loving the challenge of his role which, he adds, means he’s learning new things all the time.

He had just finished a year at college studying management after school when he took the agency role. The job offer came out of the blue, but he took it because he likes the people, and still does.

“It’s a nice place to work and a good job,” he says.  Jamie’s on song outside of work as well. He’s a keen Coldplay fan who has seen the band eight times, once travelling to a gig France to do so and also enjoys less well known Scottish groups. And if he’s not at a gig, he’s more likely to be in his nearest cinema.

“I particularly like sci-fi, foreign and drama films,” he reveals. His current must see is The Dark Knight Rises, a real treat as he’s a long-time follower of director Christopher Nolan. “This one did not disappoint,” he says.