300ft drop is plain abseiling for Jeanette

January 28, 2013 Uncategorized

Hanging by a rope off a narrow ledge 300ft up one of the highest Cathedral towers in the country, Jeanette Peshtiwan Karany Ahmed still managed a smile for our front page picture. Then she bravely abseiled down to the ground raising money for charity as she went.

“It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but also the most thrilling,” says the dare-devil Data Processing Officer from Bootle.  I was very scared and my stomach was in knots. But I was set a challenge and I don’t like being beaten.”

Jeanette, a long-serving member of St John’s Ambulance, whizzed down Liverpool’s landmark Anglican Cathedral, along with members of the local emergency services, even though she’d never abseiled before.

“Even climbing up the final 220 steps of spiral staircase was a challenge,” she admits. “They said don’t look down but I did, and the people were dots. The girl before me burst into tears and backed out, but I was determined to go.  Stepping off the narrow ledge was the worst. It was free-falling abseiling, so there was no wall to walk down. You just dangled in mid air.  It was pretty scary all the way down, as the wind got up and I started to twist round in circles,” adds Jeanette who was cheered to the ground by proud husband Peshtiwan Karany Ahmed and friends.

No stranger to adventure, Jeannette has done paragliding, was a junior champion ice skater, and once spent the night in a Liverpool jail for charity.

She spends her free time on duty for St John’s Ambulance and earlier this year was awarded their prestigious First Aider of the Year Award after leaping to the rescue when she saw a man hit by a car during a shopping trip with a friend.

“My training kicked in and I performed CPR on him until the paramedics arrived,” she recalls. “I was proud I was able to help. I joined seven years ago because I saw an accident and hated not knowing how to help.  Now I can deal with everything from strokes and heart attacks to broken bones.  Joining was the best thing I’ve ever done.”