Pursuing seaside dream

November 19, 2018 Our People

Kerry Smith has set her heart on charting new waters, hopefully alongside an extra companion.

The Northfield Team Manager is viewing her life after iPSL as the opportunity to fulfil a childhood dream for seaside living and she is buoyed up by her career skills and experience of Working Transitions.

“I have wanted to live by the sea for as long as I can remember,” she says.

“Although my husband has some reservations, I am adopting some of my usual persuasion tactics to talk him round.”

While seaside living tops the priority list, a close second is getting a canine chum for beloved dog, Lily.

“She’s a wonderful companion and has been there for us through mud and high water. I think she would love to have a friend around all the time,” muses Kerry.

She is realistic about the fewer job opportunities near the coast, but says she’s not unduly worried about finding something.

Having organised all of the Working Transitions’ sessions for Northfield’s days team, Kerry finally attended a session herself, and it gave her own goals a real boost.

“I feel a lot more confident in the skills that I have to offer and assured that I will be able to put them to gooduse in whichever role next comes my way,” she says. “I am not afraid of hard work or a challenge.

“There have certainly been plenty of those at iPSL.”