Profile on Daniel Moloney, Operations Expert

October 13, 2017 Our People

I’ve been at iPSL for: 8 Years. My first and only job to date!

My typical day: Managing the workflow throughout the day is a big part of my daily tasks, ensuring all OLAs and SLAs are adhered to. I’m also responsible for managing the fraud MI. This involves investigating any undetected fraud items as well as keeping all fraud MI up to date and providing regular updates for our clients. Managing staff performance, training plans and running fraud workshops are also a key part of my role.

What I love about working for iPSL: The support network around iPSL is second to none. I always feel supported in all my roles and areas I have worked in and I am very excited about what the future holds for iPSL.

Fun fact…. I spent a number of my younger years living down under in Australia…and no I don’t have and can’t do an Australian accent!