Oscars stars take a bow

November 19, 2018 Our People

With more than 400 people working on the ICS Programme, including a large number of contractors, the team has come up with an interesting way of rewarding people for going the extra mile.

Each month, as part of the Programme’s regular Town Halls, they have their very own Oscars ceremony with both individual and team awards.

The Oscars are much sought after across the Programme, with the winners being able to proudly display them on their desks.

Here we spotlight the winners from the last two months.

In September Maryam Hamadani, from the Test team, saw off some stiff competition to win an award. Maryam often works late into the night to ensure we have everything in place when we’re making changes to the system.

She was nominated by Gourav Kumar, from the Agency team, for being hardworking and dedicated. Gourav highlighted some of Maryam’s key achievements. “In release 7, when some of our testers were leaving, she adjusted quickly and mentored the new resources,” he said. “She always makes sure there is no impact on delivery and has the capability to generate the required data for testing all kinds of reports.”

Ria Chaudhuri, who works in IT as part of the Application Delivery team, received her award in October.

She is the first point of contact for queries with the Agency portal, dealing with incidents and issues as they take place and often works long hours to ensure that these issues are resolved, Nominator, Jo Labrum, said: “Not only is Ria highly skilled technically, she is also a lovely person, always smiling and never reacts negatively to pressure. She is an absolute pleasure to know and work with.

“She is flexible and often works ‘unplanned’ long hours to provide the required support for the Agency portal.”

The October team prize went to LBG and HSBC SIT, after being nominated by Mark Richens for their loyalty and continued commitment. Mark told us: “The team often works late to very stressful timeframes to ensure that service improvements and new functionality land safely in the live environment.

“The team ethos and camaraderie is always evident to see.

“Without these qualities, much of the functionality would not be live.” In September Sam Bayliss nominated the Correspondence Team, led by Kyle Ramsey, who went on to win the team award. The team had worked tirelessly over a series of weeks to fully test, prove and implement the LBG API correspondence solution.

Sam added: “The team worked really hard to remediate a volume restricting workaround within the BAU operation.”