Night time move prove illuminating

August 1, 2016 Our People

DonyaA MOVE to the Night Shift has shed new light onto the business for Donya Fairbank. Bradford’s Lead Processor and Communications Champion has moved from Days to start the early evening with Work Preparation. Then she moves on and into the early hours with Despatch. The shift to new ground has turned out to be a great opportunity. Not only is Donya learning new skills but the overview of the end-to-end process is also invaluable, and has flagged up how crucial it is to get things right. “I was already familiar with Work Prep, but Despatch was new to me,” she says. “I needed to understand the deadlines, the SLAs and the high responsibility of checking and double checking the work so that nothing goes out incorrect.” Although the change of hours initially took a bit of getting used to, Donya is now well settled into the routine and is enjoying working alongside a new set of colleagues. “I knew the people in Despatch but had never worked with them before. They were very accommodating and so supportive while I was training and still are,” she says. “It’s a fantastic team. Everyone works well together and understands what an important role they play.”