Lynsey loves her new role

August 1, 2016 Our People

BEING promoted felt almost like starting a brand new job for Chelmsford Team Manager Lynsey Chapman. “I had to step outside my comfort zone and, at first, every day I was on a learning curve,” admits Lynsey, who moved on from her Process Expert position in May. “On the first day on the job I turned right where I used to turn left, so even though I was on the same floor in the same building it felt very different right from the start.” Lynsey now heads up a newly restructured 17-strong Processing and Stops team, which was formerly two separate squads. The move forms part of wider restructuring to introduce multi-skilling within teams, which will help improve efficiency across the Site. “I am enjoying getting to know and support my new team members to make sure they have all the help they need to fulfill their roles,” adds Lynsey. “I am asking lots of questions as every day brings new challenges. But I have been getting plenty of support from the former Team Managers David Gould and Janice Hughes and am really enjoying the challenge.” Lynsey also enjoys the challenge of taking on a second job outside of iPSL. She is working a few hours a week as a receptionist at analternative therapy centre. “I like to be busy but there’s method in my madness as it’s not all work,” she explains. “I get to sample the treatments and enjoy some lovely relaxing massages.”