Jet setting role awaits

November 19, 2018 Our People

Clydebank’s long-serving Karen Reid can’t wait to retire and begin her new role, as a jet-setting babysitter.

After 42 years in the business the Processor is looking forward to having time to travel to Hong Kong and Dubai to spend more time with her daughters and grandchildren.

“We’ve managed about one trip a year to see my daughters, Ashley and Karlin, but now we’ll be able to see much more of them,” says Karen, proud grannie to one year-old Vivienne in Dubai and awaiting the birth of her second grandchild in Hong Kong.

Karen and husband, David, plan to travel on after their family visits to Thailand and Singapore and also have a trip to New York in mind.

“It’s the end of an era at Clydebank. We’ve all been together for so long, celebrating birthdays, marriages, children and now grandchildren,” she says. “We’re like a big extended family, but we’ll stay in touch.

“This is a new beginning and I’m really looking forward to what lies ahead.”