Increased pedal power

January 15, 2018 Our People

KEEN cyclist Derek Driver has been spreading the word about the joys of being out and about on a bike… and colleague Chris Trumper has been listening.

For years, twice a week, Camberley Senior Operations Manager, Derek, has cycled up to 20 miles around his home town of Windsor. Now he’s inspired colleague Chris to start a cycling regime of her own.

“I started going on my exercise bike every day for up to an hour and I want to establish the routine so it becomes a normal part of my day,” says Team Manager, Chris.

“Another goal is to reduce my intake of chocolate, which probably keeps Cadbury afloat.

“I’m also trying to nudge another colleague into walking in our break time as it’s so easy to just get your head down and work until home time.”

Derek admits: “The hardest thing is motivating yourself to get out the door, but once out, I always enjoy it. I end up feeling on a high and energised to do other things. I can’t imagine exercise not being part of my week. “If I can encourage others to get on a bike then that’s a bonus.”