Grahame Finch, a Lead Processor at BPH, agreed to be put on the spot

January 25, 2018 Our People

How long have you been in the business?

37 years. I joined Barclays in London when I left school.

Any other jobs?

Only as a paperboy. I never wanted to have to go for another job interview, so I guess I’ve been lucky.


I support about 20 wildlife charities, from WWF to Bat Conservation. I try to donate to them all, even if it’s just a small amount, as every bit helps. I want to do my bit to spread the message about wildlife conservation and preserving natural habitats.

Other interests?

Supporting non league Welling United for 40 years. They sent me a signed programme with a message of congratulations on the anniversary. It’s my home town and I go to watch them regularly.

The person you most admire?

Sir David Attenborough, because he has reached so many people over the years with his wildlife programmes.

Ideal dinner party guests?

Sir David would definitely be there, plus Chris Packham – anyone who’s making a difference and using their celebrity status to help wildlife and the planet.

Most expensive purchase?

A trip to Costa Rica. I’d always wanted to see its incredible diverse ecosystem.

Top of your bucket list?

The Pantanal in Brazil. It’s a massive area, the size of France, and the best place to see jaguars. I’ve done around 30 long haul trips so far. Hopefully I’ll get there.

Greatest achievement?

Getting support for World Land Trust, my favourite charity, which buys up land to protect natural habitats. iPSL has generously matched the money I’ve made for the last four years. Staying loyal to the company for all this time is a pretty good achievement too, I think.

Your best quality?

Loyalty. Once I commit to something, I stick with it.

And worst?

I can be a bit of a pessimist, but as I’m so passionately involved in fighting for the environment, it’s not really surprising.