Copley Processor, Sue Holdsworth, is under the spotlight

January 25, 2018 Our People

How long have you been in the business?

I worked for Halifax for 32 years, did a stint at Copley for six from 1990 and was made redundant by Lloyds in 2012. When I came back to Copley five years ago it was like coming home as I knew a lot of people here.

Ever had a job you didn’t enjoy?

No! I joined The Halifax straight from school and have been in this business all my working life. I’m very lucky – I’ve always loved my job.

Most indulgent expense?

I bought myself a brand new car six years ago. I just loved the idea that I was the first person to drive it.

Your most embarrassing moment?

I’ve been doing amateur dramatics for 20 years and a few years ago I was in a Christmas show dancing to the song Santa Baby. I’d always rehearsed in trousers but on the day decided to wear a little black dress – big mistake. I did one very high kick and heard a sharp intake of breath from the audience as my knickers were clearly on show. My mum was watching and said: “Well at least you were wearing matching black ones.”

Living person you most admire?

Princess Anne does a great job with all her charity work. She’s very no nonsense, she just gets on with it and I think she’s a very good role model. I also admire anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, taken on the challenge and beaten it.

Worst habit?

My colleagues say it’s lowering the tone with my comments. I can turn a simple conversation into something more risqué and have been known to tell a joke now and then. I enjoy making people laugh. I think it may be my purpose in life.

Greatest achievement?

Paragliding from a boat on holiday in Tunisia. I was terrified but I did it, so was pretty proud of myself. I am what you’d call voluptuous and to see me strapped into a harness and hoisted into the air wasn’t a pretty sight. Luckily I didn’t land on anyone. Everyone thought it was hilarious.

Dream dinner guests?

Marilyn Monroe would be great company but I would prefer Sean Bean or perhaps the cast of Hollyoaks.

Happiest memory?

Giving birth to my son, Andrew, 25 years ago.