Career change of heart reaps results

January 15, 2018 Our People

LOOKING back over the past five years, newly appointed BPH Team Manager, Zoe Hooton still has trouble believing what she has achieved.

Searching for a new challenge two years ago she started training as a plumber and only worked part time as a Processor on the LISC team while she qualified.

But then a sudden change of heart prompted her to think again. “Something clicked, I changed my mind and decided to focus on my iPSL career,” says Zoe. “I came back full time and put all my efforts into getting on,”

The big turning point occurred when she was appointed Ops Expert and then went through the CSI Walk The Floor training. “It became more interesting, I gained new skills and insights into the business and really began to believe this was something I could do well at.

“I’m still surprised by what I’ve achieved. It really has been a complete turnaround for me,” says Zoe, who now heads up the 37 strong Clearings Team for Barclays Voucher Processing (BVP).

Once she decided she was going to go for promotion, Zoe spent six months applying for manager roles and on her third attempt achieved her goal. She began her new job in August. “I was thrown in at the deep end but I seem to be swimming,” she says.

“I’m really enjoying managing people and I’m getting great support from everyone on the team and other managers. “I just need to get used to being the person who has to come up with all the answers.

“My husband is proud of me. My dad said: ‘they must be desperate’ but that was his idea of a joke,” smiles Zoe, who hasn’t wasted her plumbing qualification. “I enjoy plumbing and still keep my hand in, I just do not want it as a full time job,” she explains.

“I learnt a valuable lesson by trying something different, that is – the grass isn’t always greener.”