Apprenticeships providing bigger and better opportunities

April 26, 2017 Our People

The iPSL IT Apprenticeship scheme was launched in 2012 and we’ve taken on four Apprentices each year. To date, all Apprentices have successfully completed their course, gained an NVQ qualification and secured a full time role at iPSL.

Apprenticeships are a fantastic way of attracting young people to work here, giving colleagues the opportunity to grow and develop.

Last year we also launched our IT Trainee Scheme to complement the Apprenticeship programme and build a pipeline of IT talent. For each of our Apprentices or Trainees, it’s the start of a career to help them gain valuable workplace skills and experience, while earning a wage and learning new skills. Alongside this, an accelerated training plan means they can work towards a recognised NVQ qualification.

Mike Pacitto, IT Director, has led the way in implementing the scheme and mentoring the Apprentices and Trainees. He told us: “I’m really proud of how successful the schemes have been so far – all of our Apprentices have gone on to bigger and better things at iPSL. “Although it’s a big investment, Apprentices and Trainees represent new talent that can help us to achieve our goals. They come to us without extensive prior experience, and are motivated and committed to learning and development.”

Angela Danby, IT Service Desk Team Leader, oversees the recruitment and selection of Apprentices and Trainees, manages the day to day running of the scheme and helps to provide the structure needed to help them develop and grow into their role. “Although the Apprentices are all really quiet when they start, that soon changes. It’s great to work with them and see how they grow and develop into confident and competent IT professionals,” she added.

Rod Foster-Hill, Senior HR Business Partner, also plays a key role in supporting the Apprentices. “I get involved at the start of their journey and remain so throughout their careers, whether that’s recruitment, overseeing their development plans or promotions,” he added.

“I am delighted with how successful the scheme has become and will continue to support and champion it to offer exciting opportunities at iPSL.” Our schemes are also a great way of supporting the local community and we recruit our Apprentices through Northampton College, Starting Off and the Skills Funding Agency.

In April the Government is bringing in an Apprenticeship Levy, which will require all UK employers, with a pay bill of over £3m each year, to make an investment in Apprenticeships (0.5% of their annual pay bill).

Mike added: “As an employer we’ll use these funds to build on our current scheme and continue to support local youngsters to achieve their ambitions and goals which, in turn, will help iPSL achieve our objectives.”

What a great opportunity. From left: Luke Brooks, Kane Beardsmore, Matt Smith, Craig Martindale, Kiefer-Joe Copp, Harry Woolnough, Lee Brooks, Louis Bilverstone, Kyle Melay and Agrita Grindule.