Wellbeing day goes jolly well at BPH

February 6, 2017 Local Community Projects

WellbeingGreat food, good fun and time to talk were the essential ingredients of two popular Wellbeing days held in the BPH gardens. The first gathering included thrills and spills in the shape of a Red Bull virtual reality game. Day shift colleagues sat on blankets in the sunshine and enjoyed a chance to relax tucking into tasty barbecue food. Evening and night shifts were treated to a pizza and garlic feast of their own, held inside later the same day.

The success prompted a second feel-good day, when everyone had chance to make their own smoothie – using cycle-power. “We chose ingredients, pedalled for a minute and then drank our own custom made smoothie. It was great fun,” says BPH Team Manager, Phil Smith, who helped organise the days. “The aim of the events was to get people together in a relaxed environment and make them feel good and it worked. We all had a great time and hope to have another.”