On a heartfelt rescue mission

February 6, 2017 Local Community Projects

HeartA request from a client has blossomed into a company-wide initiative to equip people with a vital skill and it has already dramatically saved a life. Senior Business Analyst, Jonathan Blow, and his next door neighbour were praised by paramedics after they rushed to the rescue of a man who had collapsed and stopped breathing. Jonathan had only completed his crucial CPR training a mere two weeks before.

iPSL Facilities and H&S Manager, Paula Stephens, has been visiting sites since the summer to lead the sessions with a mission. The aim is to ensure that at least 500 people are capable of carrying out CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and become part of the British Heart Foundation’s powerful Nation of Lifesavers.

The 30 minute DVD-led courses have had a hearty welcome as well as a dramatic impact already. The initiative was sparked earlier in the summer when Tim Mitchell, the Manager of the Barclays Client Relationship Team, approached

Paula with a request. Barclays, based opposite BPH’s building, had earlier signed up to the British Heart Foundation Nation of Lifesavers scheme and was eager to spread the word. “The Bank had achieved a terrific amount of success and wanted to raise awareness and involve its suppliers,” Tim explains. “From an iPSL perspective, not only was this a great opportunity to benefit our own people, it was an excellent way to support one of our major customers.”

Initially Tim envisaged that the scheme would only cover BPH, but it soon grew into something much bigger. “Paula was absolutely brilliant at getting engagement from the other Heads of Sites, which is great. “Why restrict the training to a few when we’ve got such a potential with more than 1,800 staff spread across the country?” Tim, now also completely CPR ready, is full of praise for Operations’ willingness to release people for training.

Paula agrees, saying: “The training is voluntary and has to be done within the working day but I’ve worked closely with Operations to ensure that company business isn’t affected and I have had their total support.” IPSL is very close in hitting its target of 500 people joining the Nation of Lifesavers and now there’s a new challenge.

Paula and Alina Protasiewicz, who make up the H&S Team, are hoping to encourage people to support the BHF campaign to raise money to supply free CPR training kits, worth £380 each, to schools nationwide.