Backing bid to save dog

January 15, 2018 Local Community Projects

WARM-hearted Camberley people have backed an appeal for life-saving surgery for a young rescue dog that is being trained to find vulnerable missing people.

Wynter, a Czechoslovakian Wolf Dog, works for voluntary rescue organisation Surrey Search and Rescue, but was diagnosed with a serious heart condition and needs urgent surgery to survive.

Camberley Ops Expert, Christine Williams, heard about Wynter’s plight and took in doggie biscuits and cakes to sell to colleagues, raising £86.

“The fund-raising is going well, with around £4,700 raised of the total £7,000 needed,” she reveals. “Wynter is only ten months old but has a real aptitude for this important work and I wanted to do something to help,” adds Christine, whose own dogs are in training with Wynter’s owner.

She teaches her German Shepherds Remo and Buddy to ‘mantrail’, learning to follow the trail of a missing person by scent.