The ideal des res for wildlife

RESOURCEFUL Stationery Co-ordinator Muriel Turnock gets an even heartier welcome than usual when she arrives home from work with a load of unwanted wooden boards.

Creative partner Ivor is always on the lookout for wood because he turns them into bird, bug and hedgehog boxes to raise money for charity.

The retired hospital maintenance engineer, who built the shed he works in from a torn-up badminton court floor destined for the skip, started making wildlife homes for one of Muriel’s colleagues, in aid of the Royal British Legion.

Since then his delightful unique pieces have built up funds for Guide Dogs For The Blind and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS), whose patrons include Sir Ken Dodd and Twiggy.

“Ivor loves animals and has a special penchant for hedgehogs,” says proud Muriel, who joined BPH 19 years ago as a temping secretary. “He forages everywhere for bits of wood, including in skips. The only thing he has to buy is the paint.”

iPSL gladly donates the wooden covers that are used to protect photocopying paper in transit and Ivor recycles them into popular wildlife havens. “We’re thrilled when people tell us they have become homes for new families, including seven hedgehogs so far,” says Muriel. Colleagues have snapped them up and Ivor’s creations are now dotted across the country.

Muriel has suggested to the BHPS that the hedgehog houses would be a good way of raising funds for the charity. It’s a timely move as #HedgehogStreet has just launched the first ever national hedgehog house survey.