Small change, huge hit

Something as simple as signing up to give away small change each month means iPSL people could make a massive change to the lives of young children struggling to act as carers.

In a recent Company-wide vote, children’s charity Honeypot was chosen to benefit from an innovative, new fund raising idea, Pennies From Heaven.

The scheme works by rounding down salaries to the nearest pound and giving the leftover pennies to charity. “The most anyone would ever donate is 99 pence a month and once they’ve signed up there’s nothing more to do. This really is effortless giving,” says HRSC and Reward Manager, Ema Urlic, who launched the scheme in August.

The idea was the brainchild of BPH Service Transition Analyst, Tara Porter, a keen charity fund raiser, who once shaved her head to boost money for Macmillan “I am absolutely delighted we are going ahead with it. Honeypot is a very worthy charity and it will be great to help it,” she says.

“I am spreading the word among friends and family to take up the idea with their employers, as the more companies that get on board with Pennies from Heaven the better.”

Honeypot Corporate Partnerships Manager, Melina Alexandrou, thanked iPSL for its support, which could provide an £11,000 a year boost for the charity if everyone in the Company signs up.

“We’re very grateful as around 195,000 young carers, aged from five to 12 years, are registered in the UK and are in need of our help, although the true figure is much higher,” she adds.

“We are the only charity providing ongoing support to vulnerable children who have stressful lives with huge responsibilities, and rarely get the chance to enjoy their childhood.”

The charity runs houses in the New Forest and Wales, where children go for respite from the daily responsibilities they face looking after family members.

There is also a Honeypot Playbus, which goes out into communities to provide a safe space where children can go with friends.