Our dynamic duo hit new heights

In association with British Triathlon, the first ever Wootton Tri, GO TRI event took place on June 25 at Billing Aquadrome, just down the road from BPH.

The duathlon involved running 2k, followed by 4k cycling and lastly a gruelling 1k run – an ideal opportunity for beginners who fancied trying out a duathlon for the first time.

And this is where two ladies from HR took up the challenge – Julie Glover, Recruitment and Employee Relations Officer, and Rebecca Noad, HR Manager.

Only a month before the event took place Josie Pickering, Risk and Assurance Manager, went to see the team to talk about the duathlon and must have caught the girls on a good day as they agreed there and then to take part.

Josie is a member of the committee of Wootton Road Runners and organises most of the social events. The triathlon side of the club had asked for someone to help organise the duathlon and Josie decided to take up the challenge. Josie, an avid triathlete, told us: “I started running four years ago and, after an injury last year, I took up cycling and swimming as I couldn’t run, both of which were new challenges.

“GO TRI is a brilliant initiative and the aim is to get as many people as possible to come and have a go. The duathlon certainly did that – there was a mix of fairly experienced athletes and some complete beginners, like Julie and Rebecca. “A fantastic well done to everyone who took part – it was a great day and it was brilliant to see representation from iPSL through Rebecca and Julie.”

Josie is now busy organising 30th anniversary celebrations for the club. They include a party, celebratory t-shirts and a free raffle. Her next test will be to continue training and take part in her next triathlon.

And the new duathlon ladies? They’re still beaming. “We only found out about the duathlon four weeks before so I had to go from not doing any exercise to going out running and cycling,” reported Julie. “To keep me motivated I decided to raise money for my son, who suffers from a number of conditions including Chronic Pain Syndrome, Scoliosis, and Hypermobility, which can affect his day to day mobility, and sometimes he needs a wheelchair at school. Thanks to everyone who sponsored me.”

Rebecca had already started being more active and when she signed up to the duathlon she was halfway through the C25K running app and was attending a Clubbercise class every week. “When Josie mentioned the duathlon I thought it would be a great event to start off with,” she said. “I upped my   running training and Julie and I trained together a few times, which really   helped.

“On the day I was nervous as there were some very fit   people there, but Josie told us to just give it a go and have fun. My family and friends from work came to support us. “Josie and the team who ran the event were amazing. They were so supportive while we were running and biking around. When I saw the finish line I was so relieved! But I achieved my goal and didn’t stop once. We are now getting ready for the next event.”

Josie is looking to organise another event in September. This time it will be a triathlon with the opportunity to do a duathlon. So, if you fancy taking up the sporting gauntlet, please let Josie know. Julie and Rebecca have already signed up.

Julie has raised an incredible £685 so far for her son’s wheelchair and Rebecca an impressive £410 for Alzheimer’s, in memory of her Grandma who died last year.