Kenny is such a Diamond geezer

KennyCrowds cheering encouragement helped Kenny Diamond to complete The Great Scottish Run and raise £200 for charity.

Hundreds of people lined the route through Glasgow for the half marathon in October, the first Kenny has had time to attempt for five years. The Tweed Processor has been busy working all hours – night shifts at iPSL alongside completing an Honours Degree in Philosophy and Scottish Literature at Edinburgh University – so his passion for running had to take a back seat.

“It was great to be back running a half marathon after five years. There was a grand atmosphere with people cheering us on,” says Kenny who has also valued the support from his work colleagues. “We are very close knit bunch on nights at Tweed and they have been very supportive during my training and with sponsorship.

“I completed the run for Save The Children five years ago. This time for the Stroke Association as it is another very worthy cause.” Now he is back in race training Kenny is keen to take part in more runs, building up to a full marathon in Edinburgh next May, but he is also aiming to keep studying for a Post Graduate qualification. Kenny’s fiance Lynne has been inspired to take up running and is joining him on his training runs. “I was inspired by others to take up running, and now it’s satisfying to encourage others to challenge themselves,” Kenny adds.