Charity total is music to Thelma’s ears

Very little fazes Thelma Adams in her working day, but an out of work project managed to set

her nerves a-jangling. The amateur flautist admits to feeling the pressure as she came up to her solo in front of a packed theatre, but the charity concert was a resounding success.

“A big thank you to Dave McSeveney, in Northfield, Phil Smith in BPH, plus iPSL for letting me put up posters advertising the event, which was a sell-out,” praises the BPH-based Change Delivery Project Manager.

The event featured Woburn Jazz and Thelma’s fellow players in the Leighton Linslade Concert Band, which played film music through the decades. The concert, entitled Music for Miracles, raised a stonking £4,000 to buy a high-tech baby pod for Milton Keynes Hospital’s Neonatal Unit and a very good time was had by all, including Thelma, who was inspired to learn the instrument in her thirties by professional jazz musician husband, Bruce.

She is used to playing in front of crowds at summer park concerts (you can catch her next at Northampton’s Abington Park on August 20). “But it’s far more nerve-wracking being on stage with 200 people neatly seated and looking straight at you,” smiles Thelma, whose family and friends were there to cheer her on, including her sister who was watching her perform for the first time. “I learnt to play as an adult, so I didn’t go through the whole school concert thing with family watching proudly. They do that now,” adds Thelma, who has just become a doting grandmother, courtesy of Bruce’s daughter.

Music provides the perfect antidote to a busy working life, but that just got better too, after Thelma joined iPSL last June. “I’d been working in London for decades, so the commute’s a breeze now, but even more importantly, I’m really enjoying working here,” she says. “The people are great, they’re very down to earth and they really talk, and listen, to each other.”

* You can still support Milton Keynes Hospital’s Neonatal Unit appeal by going to