Cakes and bakes across iPSL

Help for schoolcakes

Copley got out the cake tins and whipped up a tasty sum for a local cause. Two bake sales raised £165 for a bid to build a community centre for post-16 learning at the Halifax-based Ravenscliffe High School and Sports College. Several staff had seen a lot of local publicity about the special school’s fund-raising efforts and decided they wanted to help. “We’ve done quite a lot over the years for a local hospice but this time we wanted to do something different,” explains Senior Operations Manager, Jane Beverley.

For your pies only

It was pies the limit when Northfield day shift people set about earning a crust for their favourite charity. “We wanted a variation on a food day theme, so rather than bring and buy we had bring and pie,” smiles Days Operations Manager, Martin Standen. “Some were baking them while others brought in whatever they fancied.” Co-ordinated by Team Manager, Kerry Smith, and Processors, Demi Richens and Joanne Nazar, the event earned a nice slice of cash: £30, for Willen Hospice. Now Martin is planning a fund-raising cycle ride next year. “I’ve already started training.”

Spooky spongesCakes 2

Chelmsford bakers went out on a scrumptious sponge limb for Halloween and its charity for the year. The scarily good cake sale was organised by Ben Miller as part of his fund-raising efforts for Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis and sparked an absolutely magical response.

It’s a happy, healthy Halloween

A BPH Halloween recruit helped members of the evening shift hand out apples and spooky cookies on the most recent Feel Good at Work Day.