CSR Mission Statement

As a professional Organisation, we at iPSL acknowledge the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and managing the impact our business processes have on the wider environment.

As well as continually striving to achieve our company CSR Agenda both internally and externally, we also seek to support all our employees in their charitable endeavours, through the giving of time and monetary donations.

COMPREHENSIVE new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) guidelines will offer wide-ranging support for Sites to take initiatives that will benefit people across iPSL and in local communities.Under the new structure, CSR is divided into four areas – Workplace, Environment, Charitable Work and Community Based – with the aim of helping Sites to develop their own CSR agenda. “These new guidelines will focus on the most important aspects of CSR and help to highlight the benefits to everyone,” says Senior HR Manager Jacqui McSeveney. “An engaging CSR agenda, which is embedded within the organisation, brings benefits not only to iPSL but to its employees and to the wider community. “The Company places a great importance on the wellbeing of its employees,” she adds. “These guidelines will help in a number of ways, including attracting and keeping a happy workforce, improving our business reputation and saving money on energy and operating costs.” The guidelines set out the aims of each of the four areas:

WORKPLACE: Aims to promote healthy jobs and workplace environments, which benefit everyone and have a positive impact on business results.

ENVIRONMENT: The Company aims to operate with respect and concern for the environment. Initiatives include reducing energy consumption, reducing waste, fuel consumption, assessing the environmental impact of operations and reducing iPSL’s carbon footprint where possible.

CHARITABLE WORK: Individual Sites are deciding their own CSR agendas. At BPH, for example, money raised will be divided between Age UK, Cynthia Spencer and Kids Aid.

COMMUNITY BASED: Improving the lives of local people by getting involved, building relationships, fund-raising and through volunteering initiatives.

A set of guidelines to support and encourage volunteering has also been produced for the first time, to offer new opportunities and benefits to anyone wanting to commit to helping their local community. Under these guidelines people will be allowed to take two paid days off every year to participate in voluntary activities, which must be matched by two days of their own time. “Some people are very passionate about volunteering but we hadn’t supported or encouraged it sufficiently in the past and we were keen to change that,” explains Jacqui. “I hope people will welcome this new opportunity to show how the Company appreciates and supports individual volunteering efforts.” Jacqui was also one of a group of nine Senior Managers who went out into the community to work with teenagers from Northamptonshire’s Caroline Chisholm School, to help improve their interviewing skills. “We held mock interviews with 15 and 16 year-olds and were very impressed with the calibre of the young people we worked with,” she says. “We have received some great feedback about the success of the day so will definitely be looking to make this an annual event.”

To find out more about our approach to CSR, please download our CSR Policy.